Clinical Trials Q&A

What is a Clinical Trial?

In order for medical institutions and drug companies to advance medicine and improve the drugs that are used to treat health problems, they must be found to be safe and effective for people in a study or clinical trial. The health care professionals at Medical Research South manage these clinical trials for the drug companies.

Patients that suffer from common health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and many other conditions, volunteer to participate in a clinical trial to measure how well a new medication can treat their condition and what, if any, side effects may result.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Patients participating in clinical trials cite the following benefits:

Access to New Medications & the Health Care System
Today, health insurance is often unaffordable for many. Even for those covered by an insurance plan, the cost of drugs can be too high. Patients participating in clinical trials can access new medications to treat their conditions, that are administered under a doctor’s supervision, without the involvement of an insurance company.

Get Paid for Time & Travel
Most clinical trials offer a patient stipend to compensate participants in a study for their time and travel costs. These patient stipends vary depending on the duration of each visit and the number of weeks that the patient is required to participate in the study.

Learn About Your Health Condition
Besides seeing a doctor during many study visits, patients participating in clinical trials are followed throughout the study by a Clinical Research Coordinator, similar to a research nurse. A “CRC” as they are often called, develop caring relationships with their clinical trial patients and are able to educate their patients about their condition and how to improve their general health.

To enroll in a trial, please fill out a Patient Information Form.