Physicians & Health Care Professionals

healthcare-doctor02Medical Research South has partnered with several of the leading physicians in the Charleston area but we always welcome new partner-physicians to our team of Investigators.Why Become a Physician Investigator?

Broaden Your Scope of Health Care Delivery to Your Patients

Due to rising health care costs, many compassionate physicians and caregivers have witnessed the inability of many patients to access affordable medicine for treatment of their conditions. Today, it is all too common for many patients to lack comprehensive drug coverage and, unfortunately, be able to afford health insurance at all. Clinical Trials provide an avenue to allow many patients in need of drug therapies to gain access to treatment that might otherwise be out of their reach.

Great Source of Income – In addition to your Practice

In the current environment, physician reimbursements seem to go nowhere but down. In addition, the complexity of billing the health insurance providers or Medicare/Medicaid and speed of collecting payments is cumbersome to say the least. By committing to actively serving as a Physician Investigator with Medical Research South, you can expect your investment in time to yield a solid stream of income since we pay our Investigators a sizable premium for all procedures performed vs. the levels of reimbursement for the same procedures offered by the health insurers or government-sponsored providers. In addition, a research relationship with Medical Research South means zero additional overhead to your practice since we provide all administrative, regulatory and coordinating services, track all Physician Investigator procedures and simply pay you every quarter.

Be Exceptional. Advance Medicine.

This is our tagline at Medical Research South but it also speaks to a major reason why so many local physicians partner with us for research. By participating as a Physician Investigator on Clinical Research Trials, you will be directly involved in leading medical advances in drug and vaccine therapies to treat a myriad of conditions.

Medical Research South has been the trusted research partner to many of the top Physicians in Charleston since 2001. Contact us today and learn more about joining our exceptional team.