Role of Our Physician Investigators

Medical Research South is a Highly Skilled and Trusted Clinical & Regulatory Manager Supporting our Physician-partners in their passion for Research.

At Medical Research South, we add value to Physicians by supporting their pursuit of Clinical Trials while seamlessly complimenting their current practice. Medical Research South handles every Regulatory, Administrative and Study Coordinating function, leaving our Physician Investigators to do what they do best: Advance Medicine.


Responsibility During the Study
Duties During Trial Medical Research South Physician Investigator
Understand Study Protocol
Pull Database Reports for Potential Subjects
Give Database Access to MRS (in line with HIPAA)
In Office Education / Marketing
Perform Physical Exams & Read Lab Results
Physician Unique Procedures (Colonoscopy)
Business Development of New Studies
Evaluation and Presenting of New Studies
Completion of Feasibilities
All Pre-Study Visits
All Pre-Study Paperwork and Regulatory
Coordinate, Schedule and Manage all Site Visits
Manage all Recruiting Activities during Study
Coordinate and Schedule all Study Procedures
Lab Draws / Collection
Write and Follow Trial Source
Documentation of Study Visits
Documentation of AE and SAEs
Entry and Completion of all EDC
Site Monitoring Visits
Ensure IRB Compliance
Timely Payment of Patient Stipends
ALL Study Close Out Material
Study Close Out