Sponsors & CROs

Speed of patient enrollment and timely, accurate trial data. These two factors are absolutely mission-critical to sponsor pharmaceutical companies and their CRO partners in managing success Clinical Trials. Fortunately, in these two key criteria, Medical Research South sets the standard that most sites can only hope to match. Since our founding in 2000, Medical Research South has been the most trusted full-time research site partner to the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry. With over 120 successfully completed studies and counting, an ever-expanding patient database and a committed team of clinical staff and Physician-Investigators, Medical Research South consistently exceeds Sponsor and CRO expectations for speed of enrollment and the collection and transmission of timely, accurate data.

With our facilities in new, state-of-the-art dedicated medical research offices in historic and charming Charleston, South Carolina, Medical Research South is certainly a welcomed travel destination for the trial monitoring professionals of our valued Sponsor and CRO clients. With experience across a vast array of indications, contact Medical Research South today to experience our exceptional service and professionalism firsthand.