Clinical Staff

We always maintain a staff of at least four (4) full-time Study Coordinators at Medical Research South. All of our Study Coordinators are required to obtain Certification through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. In addition, all members of our coordinating staff are certified in the following:

  • BLS/AED for the Healthcare Provider
  • IATA – Shipping of Category B Infectious substances & Dry Ice
  • Human Participants Protection Education for Research Teams, sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH)

In addition, our highly professional and responsive team at Medical Research South is committed to helping our Sponsors and CRO’s advance medicine as follows:

  • Accurate and timely Regulatory Document submission
  • Meeting & Exceeding Patient Enrollment Goals on every study
  • Accurate and timely collection and transmission of all Study Data
  • Hundreds of successfully completed trials across a full range of indications

If you are a Sponsor or CRO that is used to working and traveling to research sites across the U.S., our exceptional Staff is what makes Medical Research South stand out as the top full-time Research Site destination in the nation. From the most respected Physician Investigators in the area, to our experienced Management Team, down to the heart of our company: a talented corps of at least four full-time Study Coordinators, after partnering with us, Medical Research South will quickly become your “go to” Research Site for Phase II, III and IV Clinical Trials.

Our experience spans a wide array of medical conditions and indications and in an area that is a hotbed for medical advances in the Southeast, Medical Research South counts several of the most respected Family and Internal Medicine Physicians and Specialists as members of our Investigative Team. Now entering our second decade and with scores of successfully completed Clinical Trials for the most prominent names in the pharmaceutical industry, exceptional experience in advancing medicine has a name: Medical Research South.

Be Exceptional. Advance Medicine.