Why Choose MRS

Speed of Patient Enrollment

Quickly meeting and exceeding our contracted Patient Recruitment and Enrollment goals is where Medical Research South excels. A patient database built on advanced technology and containing thousands of patients forms and a solid foundation supporting our Patient Recruitment expertise. Our substantial and continuous investment in advertising in support of the Medical Research South brand in the local community integrates seamlessly with study-specific advertisement initiatives undertaken on behalf of our sponsors. As a result, the time from the opening of our site to enrollment to the meeting of our Sponsor’s Patient Recruitment goals is substantially compressed.

Timely, Accurate Collection of Patient Data

Regardless of the system utilized by our Sponsors or CRO clients, the Clinical Research Professionals at Medical Research South are well-versed in the timely and accurate capture and transmission of clean data. It’s a key reason why the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry consistently select Medical Research South as their preferred site partner.

Committed Team of Physician Investigators & Clinical Research Professionals

With the top Medical University in the state and nationally renowned physicians and hospital systems in our Charleston, South Carolina backyard, Medical Research South is firmly rooted in a community with deep roots in medicine. Our Physician Investigators – many of whom are well known in the research industry – range from Family and Internal Medicine to Specialists across many indications including pulmonology, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology and nephrology to name only a few. Our exceptional team of Study Coordinators is well-versed in the latest GCP requirements and Clinical Research Industry Certification is a requirement for all of our Coordinator staff.